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Will our fantastic fan clips fit your ceiling fan?

Things to check for compatibility with your ceiling fan.

If your ceiling fan has an inch to an inch and a half (1 to 1.5) spacing down from your fan blades OUR Fantastic Shade Clips will work with your ceiling fan.

Where To Measure Distance From The Fan Blade

Ceiling Fan That May Not Work With Our Fantastic Fan Clips

  1. If your light housing is more than 21” in diameter you will need to order a second strap from our website.  www.fantasticshadeclips.com. If the spider does not allow the light housing to fit through to hang the shade you will have to cut the spider arms up to 1 ¾ inches depending on your light housing diameter. You must leave a minimum of 1” past the center spider ring to allow the clips to hold the shade in place. If the sizing will still not work  you will need to order a custom fit shade.
  2. If you have an integrated light in your fan you most likely will need a second fan strap. You can order a second strap from our website. www.fantasticshadeclips.com

Ceiling Fan Types That Will Not Work If They Have

Angled Surfaces, Curved Descending

No Mounting Area

Integrated fixture (Non Removable)

Integrated fixture (Non Removable)