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Revolutionizing Ceiling Fans

Our goal is to revolutionize ceiling fans! This new product will ultimately have an impact on our use of energy consumption. More fans will be used because now they will be beautiful! Fan blades never change so you can keep your old fans and completely change its look with a fan-shade. Shades can be metal, paper, fabric, beaded, glass, you name it. A shade 13 inches or wider can become a fan-shade over an ugly white globe fixture. A shade 15 inches or wider can cover the ugly 3 or 4 can light fixture or an ugly bottom bowl fixture. If you find a lampshade you love you can pretty up your fan. Cut the spider and use your own shade with our Fan-tastic Shade Clips.

Our Story

My name is Maura and I am an interior designer in Fort Lauderdale, Florida. We use ceiling fans here all year round. Being a creator and solving design problems (which I love to do) I had an obstacle that presented itself on one of my residential projects. As I was reviewing a design for the master suite in my client’s home I showed her a beautiful fixture befitting the amazing design that was planned for the room. She immediately said, “We need a ceiling fan.” I said, “Wahhh…they are ugly…even if they are a new pretty design…it will distract from this amazing room. “She insisted… I relented. I sat with her for a few minutes and told her, “OH. We will just buy a plain blade fan and round globe. Don’t worry, I’m going to come up with something.” She smiled and said, “I know whatever you do it will be great! That is when Fan-Tastic Shade Clips came to life.

I made her a custom shade that would go over the ugly globe and hid it. Through that process I realized that we should be able to cover any fan light fixture with a beautiful lampshade, tailoring the fan’s appearance to work in any space. In order to come up with a universal part we designed a universal clip that allows just about any large-diameter lampshade to be simply dropped into the clips which are supported by a strap that surrounds the light.