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Michelle Fazaeli

Meet Michelle Fazaeli, aka Mishu. Born and raised in Milwaukee Wisconsin currently living as an artist in between Miami and Rome.
Mishu has over 17 years of interior design experience and found her passion for creating art by accident. Her husband asked her to make something for a family member when times were tough and they couldn’t afford holiday gifts. Reluctant and clueless she saw something that inspired her and invested in a newspaper and a couple of pastels.
Her first piece hangs in her studio as a reminder of how much she’s grown as an artist.

She’s shown her work in various shows including; Art Basels Art Crawl, Dome Caviar Bar, RAW Artists, Borghi Fine Art NJ, Spazio Fame Event and creates mostly commissioned pieces for interior designers and their clients.
Her avant-garde style is fun, colorful and whimsical. Her inspiration comes from her love of vintage books, sheet music and comics. She loves bling and embellishes her pieces with Swarovski Crystals and gold or silver leaf…or not.

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