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    • fantastic ceiling fan lampshade kit

      Fantastic Ceiling Fan Lampshade Conversion Kit


      This item lets you convert a lampshade into a ceiling fan shade. 

      The Fantastic Ceiling Fan Lampshade Conversion Kit is an innovative product that enables you to transform a lampshade into a stylish and functional light cover for your ceiling fan. Lampshade should be a drum shape and be at least 13" wide.

      The kit includes 4 clips and a 23-inch strap, allowing you to easily and quickly install the shade on your fan without the need for any tools. Simply use our supplied template to cut your old fan and attach the clips to your lampshade and secure it to the fan using the strap, and you're done!

      This product is the perfect solution for anyone looking to cover up an unsightly light fixture and add a touch of style to their ceiling fan.

      The installation process is simple and straightforward, and instructions can be found in the product or watch our how-to-install video.

      The Fantastic Ceiling Fan Lamp Shade kit:

      • 4 Shade Clips
      • 1 Strap 23″ Long
      • 1 Lampshade Cutting Template
      • 1 Instruction Manual

      In stock

      SKU: FCLIPSET-001

These printed  shades for ceiling fans are electrifying!  Shades that will add pizzazz to your space! Fun colors!

15″ Linen printed Drum Shade. with styrene backing. (15″ top x15″ bottom x 8″ side). Made in America

  • Color: Reds, Blues and White, Yellow, Pinks
  • Shade Material: Printed on Linen, Styrene backing
  • Shade Size: Top: 15″ x 15″ Bottom: 15″ x 15″ Side: 8″ or 6” sides

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