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Everything you need is in this bundled box to add a ceiling fan shade.


If you're looking to add style and functionality to your ceiling fan, then it's time to purchase new shades. With a new set of shades, you can transform the look of your fan, enhance the lighting in your room, and increase the efficiency of your fan. Don't wait any longer - upgrade your ceiling fan today and enjoy a more comfortable and stylish living space. Order your new ceiling fan shades now and experience the difference for yourself!


The linen lamp shade will give your interiors a stylish modern touch, plus, you can pick a color that goes well with your design scheme.


And if you find your room too bright with your existing ceiling light, you can install the diffuser that comes with the shade to further adjust the lighting to your eyes’ comfort. If you purchase the diffuser separately it is a $40 value.


This ceiling fan lamp shade is a steal at $89.95 and a Free $40 diffuser.  FREE SHIPPING  So, what are you waiting for, order now.


The Fantastic Ceiling Fan Lamp Shade box contains:

• 1 Ceiling Fan Shade Light Diffuser
• 3 Ceiling Fan Shade Clips
• 1 Strap 23″ Long
• 2 Spider Rings
• 1 Linen Drum Shade – 15″ diameter x 8″ heigt



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